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Biostrat Peels

Cosmetic skin resurfacing utilizing pharmaceutical grade glycolic.

The BioStrat Peels™ are nonabrasive and feature a pharma-grade glycolic for communicating with the deeper layers of the skin. Being offered for over ten years by result-oriented spas and clients, they are intended to be professionally administered 2 weeks apart in a series of 6 to 12 annually. If considering a peel series, it is best to `acclimatize' your skin with the formulations in the BioStrat Skin ReSurfacing Starter Kit one to two weeks before receiving your first peel. Depending on your skin type and concerns, your specialist may also recommend other BioStrat Formulas.
Skin care
Manicure &
 The Universal (series of 6) $Call
   introduction formula: all skins
   including sensitive
The Advanced ( series of 6 ) $Call
   advanced strength formula: all skins
   accustom to biostrat glycolic and
   except hypersensitive